Calgary, AB, Canada

CornerStone Manufacturer


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)


Curtis Engineering


Earthworks 2001 Inc.

General Contractor

Stuart Olson


Mirafi 3XT

Completed Year


SAIT Cornerstone Retaining Walls

CornerStone® 100 played a strong role in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology SAIT Cornerstone retaining walls project by helping to solve a number of problems on the site. The chief purpose of the project was to extend a courtyard lunch area for students. By utilizing filter fabric, the leveling pad was protected from a high water table on the site. The tiered CornerStone® walls acted to soften the architectural impression by creating multiple levels and by incorporating green, natural elements into the project. Additionally, the design greatly improved emergency services access to campus by enabling vehicles to drive above the wall.

SAIT Cornerstone retaining walls