CornerStone Education 101

CornerStone Retaining Wall Course

Course Overview

CornerStone Wall Solutions is proud to offer the most comprehensive retaining wall installation course on the market through online virtual training. Through this Certification course, participants will learn from Vern Dueck, master wall builder and CornerStone inventor, about how to properly install long-lasting retaining walls.

With over 27 years of retaining wall installation experience, Vern will guide participants through the core elements of retaining wall projects and demonstrate insightful techniques for a long-lasting wall. CornerStone’s retaining wall solutions were created by installers, for installers; and participants can rest assured they are learning from the experts. The course includes interactive videos, 3D diagrams and quizzes to test your knowledge throughout.

The Certification will showcase how and why CornerStone retaining wall systems optimize installation time and maximize cost-efficiency for designers, installation crews and clients. Participants can then immediately apply this knowledge on-site and easily install strong, beautiful CornerStone retaining walls that they can be proud of.

Course Benefits

  • Save time and costs with strategic solutions for retaining walls, from design to completion

  • Learn the core concepts and terminology of retaining wall installations

  • Discover best practices to successfully install secure, durable retaining walls

  • Interactive step-by-step process of retaining wall installations from renowned industry experts

  • Gain valuable insights to common retaining wall errors and failures

Who Will Benefit from CornerStone Education 101

  • Contractors and Installers responsible for building retaining wall projects

  • Landscape contractors looking to gain experience and knowledge

  • Landscape Professionals

  • Foreign workers that are starting out in the trade or business

  • Engineers who plan and design retaining walls and want to learn best practices

  • Engineers and Contractor professionals scheduling construction phase timelines

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project enthusiasts looking to install small retaining wall solutions
    (it is strongly recommended that larger projects be designed and installed by industry professionals)

Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction to Retaining Walls

  • History of Retaining Walls

  • Types of Retaining Walls

  • Construction Zones

  • Retaining Wall Components

  • Common Retaining Wall Failures

Section 2: CornerStone Retaining Wall Installations

  • Planning Retaining Wall Construction

  • Site Preparation

  • Soils & Excavation

  • Materials & Zones

  • Base Preparation and Stabilization

  • Base Leveling Pads

  • Retaining Wall Drainage Systems

  • Backfill Considerations

  • Capping Retaining Wall Construction

Become a CornerStone Expert

Pre-Requisites or Related Courses

While there are no pre-requisite courses for the CornerStone Retaining Wall Installation Certification Course, it is recommended that participants have an introductory knowledge and understanding of retaining wall construction.

Big Block SRW Course

For larger retaining wall projects with large concrete blocks, check out MagnumStone and learn more about their offerings through MagnumStone Retaining Wall Education.