esigned by Bob Race, one of the most knowledgeable and experience engineers in retaining wall design software, the CornerStone Wall Designer Analysis software was designed with the engineer in mind. Including multiple methodologies, CornerStone products, and geogrid reinforcement options, you have access to a variety of scenarios to design your project in. Powerful and easy to use, this Engineering program saves you time and money as retaining wall design software!



Features & Benefits

  • Utilizes NCMA, AASHTO, and AASHTO LRFD method options
  • Great for designing solutions within the transportation industry
  • Easy Export function to AutoCAD

Wall Structure Options

A sample of your wall structures include:

  • Gravity
  • Geogrid Friction Reinforced
  • Geogrid Positive Reinforced 





CornerStone Wall Types

Utilizing a variety of the CornerStone products, you can design with:

  • CornerStone® 100
  • CornerStone® 200
  • CornerStone® Positive
  • FrogStone™
  • StoneLedge™
  • MiraStone™
  • MagnumStone™

Input Options

A sample of what you can input for a better design includes:

  • Geometry of Wall
  • Soils
  • Factor of Safety
  • Block Specs
  • Geogrid Properties
  • Seismic Considerations
  • Global Stability
  • Compound Stability
  • Live and Dead Loads
  • Project Information
  • Imperial and Metric

Technical Support

Even with the videos, you may still have questions and that’s okay.

We are always here to help. Simply call us at:

1-800-939-9193 ext. 3

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