iraStone™ retaining wall was Created to meet the evolving need for a product with a slimmer profile within the retaining wall industry, the MiraStone™ allows for more delicate features, designs, and textures for garden or landscaping walls. The 6″ (152mm) height makes it lighter to carry and easier to install.

MiraStone™, while still having the same quality, strength and benefits of CornerStone® 100, was designed for beauty. This makes it ideal for residential landscaping and large commercial projects because of its strength and aesthetic combination.



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For beautiful retaining walls that add strength and value, MiraStone retaining wall is the product you need. See All

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CAD Details

For unit specifications and technical details, review our CAD drawings to help in your design process. See All

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Easy to install, take a look at our guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create your MiraStone™ retaining wall system. See All


Hollow Core

The unique hollow core design, reduces efflorescence problems & costly pigments. In addition, the weight ranges from 35 – 37 lbs thanks to a maximum height of 6 inches, allowing for minimal manpower and no special equipment to install the product.

Environmental Benefits

We’re about creating beautiful things simply, and that means ensuring that our natural surroundings are also cared for. With less concrete required for manufacturing, and more efficiency in transportation, we ensure that we leave a smaller carbon footprint.


Our high compression, low-absorption concrete is perfect for ensuring durability and being weather resistance. That said, with MiraStone retaining wall, you have ease in cutting the product for your design, ability to add special lighting, or even placing fence posts into it when adding creative details. In addition, the MiraStone™ provides superior flexibility to create curves, corners, steps and terraced walls.


Our Mirastone retaining walls are connected utilizing our patented, mortarless, SecureLug interlock system, focusing on ease of installation for reduced labor and installation time and increased options for design.

With the three components – unit, cap, and corner – your wall system is developed for gravity, is geogrid reinforced, is plantable and works with other types of wall structures.


Using less concrete, costs significantly drop due to less weight (lowers freight & shipping costs), less required installers, lower development costs, without any loss in structural stability!

Stylized Aesthetics

With a random split face that typically resembles weathered rock, the unit shape and size are balanced to provide a natural profile that complements virtually any design or style of construction. Colors and available faces will depend on your market area.

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