Surrey, BC, Canada

Total CornerStone Retaining Wall Blocks

26,000 sq. ft. (2,415 sq. m.)

CornerStone Manufacturer

Completed Year


Green Plantable Block Retaining wall

Taking large unusable terrain to the next level with beautiful green cooling walls

CornerStone 100 retaining wall blocks used 3 decades ago to help maximize property for housing complex

Vancouver, British Columbia is known for being one of the most beautiful places to live on the planet. From moderate year round temperatures to beautiful mountain terrains. Speaking of mountain terrains, land is a hot commodity and also very difficult to build on, especially when it comes to very steep slopes. With all of the lower mainland space being developed, building on the side of a mountain is almost “normal”.

A Beautiful hardscape entrance feature with a pillars that are capped with lighting and a raised flower bed which could also act a seating area with an assortment of plants and greenery were installed in phases during this projects development.

Raised flower bed for entrance feature

Fast forward 20 Years later and you have Green Plantable Block Retaining wall. All of the walls are virtually hidden in a wall of green ivy, shrubs and trees.

The terraces retaining walls provided planting pockets for trees shrubs and all sorts of greenery to grow inside. Taking away what could have been a very large ugly concrete retaining wall. Adding slight curves and architectural details keeps the walls flowing and adds and element of conformity to the numerous amount of walls.

Stairs were built using the cornerstone retaining wall blocks as a feature and a practical use. 34 rows of 8″ block raised the stairs 22 ft (6.7m) up to 22 ft (6.7m) in height. With all of that grade change they managed to keep quite a stunning look that has lasted the test of time.

Stairs and terraces built with CornerStone retaining walls

In designing and implementing this project, block retaining walls were built using our original product, CornerStone 100 blocks. CornerStone 100 retaining wall blocks were specifically chosen for their performance, looks, usability and associated costs. The tallest retaining wall used goes to an exposed height of 25ft’ (7.6 m). Geogrids were used for reinforcing the soils at every terrace. The geogrid to block connection works perfectly with the CornerStone SecureLug connection, this interlocks the hollow core blocks, drainage gravel and geogrid.

Green Plantable Block Retaining wall maximum heights of 25 ft (7.6m)

26,000 total sq Footage (2,400 sq m) of total retaining wall square footage (square meters)

Where there once only existed a piece of hill bank sloping to the ocean and no flat land to develop, the green plantable block walls transformed the landscape and now the condo homeowners enjoy some of the most beautiful landscape view in the lower mainland of British Columbia.