Retaining Walls Harrisburg Pennsylvania Planet Fitness

Retaining Walls Harrisburg Pennsylvania Planet Fitness 


Total CornerStone 100 Retaining Wall Blocks: 10,115 SF

Installation Company: K & M Dri-Lay Masonry

Geogrid Used: Strata SG200 & SG350

Manufacturer: York Building Products


Large Commercial retaining walls are a common site in the central region of Harrisburg Pennsylvania.  With tree lined hillsides on every corner it’s becoming more and more difficult to find flat land that can be developed. More developers and land owners are turning to build segmental retaining walls to allow them to save on land costs and build out areas that were not use-able. The CornerStone 100 retaining walls help extend the land and in turn the owner gets more valuable property. Just like in the case of the cornerstone 100 retaining walls used for planet fitness in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. The retaining wall blocks manufactured by York building products stand out because of the natural looking colors used in the productions process. The Installer K&M Dri-Lay Masonry installed the retaining wall blocks as one long large retaining wall in the back with a large parking lot facing the wall on the bottom side. At the front side of the property there are terraced retaining walls with extended parking for users of the planet fitness gym.

A wrought Iron fence was installed on the top of the retaining walls for safety and aesthetics. For capping the top of the retaining wall K&M used Two caps stepped on top of each other which cleaned up a typically more difficult area and perhaps an eye sore.

The drainage pipe was installed approximately every 35 – 40 ft

The tallest portion of the retaining wall is approximately 17.5 ft tall





“The wall was a pleasure to build as the Cornerstone blocks that YBP produced were clean and level making it easy for our crews to keep the wall plumb and straight.  The project took about 22 days to complete utilizing a crew of 4-5 men”. Says David Kirk Patrick, K&M Dri Lay Masonry






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Retaining Walls Harrisburg Pennsylvania Planet Fitness 









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Retaining Walls Pennsylvania Planet Fitness Harrisburg

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