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Looking for the the best Retaining Walls blocks in Greensboro North Carolina? These blocks are for constructing your own landscape project or hiring someone to build a retaining wall for you. CornerStone® Retaining wall blocks have been used in the Greensboro North Carolina market for over 15 years and continue to grow. CornerStone® was Invented by a contractor for homeowners and contractors. Using the simply designed securelugs on the bottom of the blocks, cornerstone has become a favorite system for many, many people. There are well over 10 millions blocks installed worldwide. As a result number keeps growing every day for the love of using this landscape block.


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When building with retaining wall blocks in the Greensboro North Carolina, cornerstone blocks will allow you to build Stairs, Curves, Corners, tall retaining walls and small retaining walls. Your imagination is really the limit to building these structures and most application are simply just leveling out a front or backyard. The simplicity of using this retaining wall system is what drives users to keep coming back for more blocks. If you are interested in learning all of the proper installation practices, and building the perfect wall. You can check out our how to install cornerstone section which gives a step by step installation.  View installation Here


Greensboro North Carolina Retaining Wall Block


  1. Always follow county regulations
  2. Get engineering (Every county is slightly different)
  3. Call before you dig – Website 
  4. Select the right retaining wall block for you design
  5. Take time to save on mistakes
  6. Most of all have fun!


Listen to what Vern Dueck, Inventor has to say:

“I invented this cornerstone 100 retaining wall block with the end user in mind”


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