Red Lion High School CornerStone Block Retaining wall

Manufacturer: York Building Products
Wall Installer: Biller’s Masonry & Dri-Vit Co.
DEVELOPER/OWNER: Red Lion Area School District
Genera l Contractor: MCA Construction
Architect /Designer: Crabtree Rohrbaugh & Associates
Geogrid: Mirafi
Location: Red Lion, PA
Retaining Wall Block: CornerStone 100
Year Built: 2007

The architect wanted a unique appearance for the retaining wall at the end of the building on this Red Lion High School project in Pennsylvania.  So they incorporated CornerStone segmental walls in between masonry pillars. The red colored battered segmental wall provides a nice contrast in between the gray vertical masonry pillars. The wall designer (ELA Group) had a challenge doing the wall designs because they had to create their drawings by gathering information from architectural, civil and structural plans. The wall installer (Biller’s Masonry) had to do precise work to build the CornerStone walls in between the pillars. At the end of the day the Red Lion High School CornerStone Block Retaining wall was a success and will stand the test of time.