Out with the old in with the new

Why replacing your old wood retaining walls could be easier than you think? your old wall could be leaning over,  threatening a law suite or simply be the eyesore of the neighborhood. Now is the time to add beauty and functionality to your exterior landscape. Modular Block retaining walls are easy to install (Check out our videos here — > HERE )  and once installed properly, can last a lifetime. 

When do you need to replace your old wood retaining walls? 

There can be many reasons to replace an old wooden retaining wall. We recommend that once they are a hazard to yourself or others, it’s clearly a must.  How can you be sure they are hazardous? There are visual cues – boards splitting apart, grass growing between the joints, soils falling out, rotten wood that can be picked away with your hands or a negative lean on the wall, which means when you look at it sideways it’s leaning too far over (one heavy rainfall it could collapse). 

Replacing Old Wood Retaining Walls

Replacing Old Wood Retaining Walls is a MUST!

The other reason is purely for looks. Some of the failing old timber walls are just plain ugly and need to be replaced. This will increase the value of your property, as curb appeal has a very large impact on home sales. More importantly, it will increase your appreciation and enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Reasons to not use Treated Timber retaining walls

Treated timber wood may have cancer causing carcinogens from the manufacturing process. It’s a known fact that the preservatives used to make them last a long time have cancer causing agents in the process and touching them can be hazardous. Not to mention that just bad for the environment. 

Wood walls do tend to rot overtime. The water soaks into the wood and starts to deteriorate and rot out from the back. Knowing this, you may not be able to tell when the wall is starting to fail. 

Treated timber can be difficult to work with. It may sound simple, but these blocks of wood can be extremely heavy and cumbersome. Lifting some of these beams could even take machinery to place them. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the light and fluffy wood look! It’s been treated and is usually water logged and heavy when installation begins.

Why use Concrete interlocking wall blocks? 

Number One reason to use interlocking concrete block walls is that they last a LONG LONG time! It’s concrete, and if made properly could last a lifetime. The average design life of a SRW Segmental retaining wall is 75 years.  That’s a lot longer than the average 4.5 years that people stay in their homes. 

They can be reused.  That’s right, these blocks can be taken apart, cleaned up and reused again. It’s a practical choice for those people wanting to really be efficient. Concrete blocks can be curved and turned and stepped very easily as well. 

Concrete interlocking retaining walls look great.  You can get different colors, styles and sizes of wall blocks. Check with the local producer for where to buy and get samples that match with what you are trying to achieve. 


Do it yourself or hire a Professional 

We have all the tools to help you in building and replace your old wood retaining wall. You’ll need to take the time and learn the best practices. But hey, that’s what we do! Have a look at the videos and see what you can do to tackle this yourself. 

Learn to build retaining walls

Learn by watching the how to Videos, or Hire a Contractor.

Using our software, you can easily have an engineer do the design for you problems. We also have an online estimator that can tell you how much and how long your geogrids need to be.  This is an estimate only of course. https://wallcalculator.com/ 

Concerned about drainage? Most of our block systems have a built in drainage channel.  So adding the correct amount of drainage gravel is a breeze and will keep water out and away from any retaining wall system. 


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