Modern Looking Retaining Wall Blocks Provide Creative Possibilities

Over the years, we’ve seen a vast array of trendy building materials come and go throughout the construction industry. Some last the test of time, while others are short-term trends and are quickly replaced a couple years – or months – later. Others can be used in a variety of ways and are fun to design with. Our CornerStone retaining wall products have proudly maintained the delicate balance of modern style and versatile design for decades. These multi-purpose modern looking retaining wall blocks make it easy to unleash your creativity in countless ways to suit your taste and budget.


Clean lines. The modern looks of CornerStone 100’s blocks encourage engineers and DIY homeowners alike to dream big when planning, designing and building. With their rugged stone façade and sleek edges, CornerStone’s timeless blocks are a perfect fit for residential and commercial projects.

CornerStone 100’s hollow core design also has exceptional drainage to reduce the likelihood of future maintenance repairs from water damage. Users can repurpose these blocks for a variety of projects too. No matter the application, the result will be a beautifully consistent look that blends in seamlessly and lasts for decades.


Gorgeously green.  Another defining feature of these retaining wall blocks is their environmentally friendly components and limitless applications. CornerStone 100’s retaining wall blocks are a popular choice for condo projects, to beautify the property and attract desirable tenants. Thanks to their hollow core design, these blocks are ideal for growing gardens and fostering a sustainable, thriving outdoor environment.

As their name suggests, these retaining wall blocks are ideal for crafting stylish, textured walls that can frame nearly anything. Or they can simply function as beautiful planters for the front entrance of buildings and garden walkways.


Make your property stand out. CornerStone 100 blocks make it easy to incorporate flowing curves or corners into your landscape design for fresh, contemporary aesthetics. The retaining wall system’s versatility is a key feature so you can build stairs and terraces throughout a condo complex. Similarly, you can use CornerStone blocks to protect utility walls or encapsulate fire hydrants and structures around the property.

CornerStone 100 blocks are designed with versatility and functionality in mind, making them ideal for more intricate projects. The retaining wall’s strength can serve vital purposes of soil retention or soil reinforcement for critical infrastructure solutions as well.


Minimal degrees of difficulty. An underlying, low-key aspect of retaining walls is how much space they take up on your land. An important consideration for this is the setback (also known as batter), the angle of the retaining wall’s vertical height. Higher degrees of setback mean the wall protrudes more throughout your property, leaving you less space to lounge and play.  The CornerStone 100 retaining wall blocks have a setback of 4.5°, whereas standard traditional systems have a 6° setback.

While this may seem miniscule, it means a 10 ft. high wall will save a full 1 ft. of space. For a standard lot size, that creates a lot more room for your dog to run around and keep the kids’ ball inside the fence. This also creates massive profitable opportunities for new developments to optimize land. CornerStone 100 gives you the extra property space you need – and deserve!


Top off retaining walls with simple capping. We’ve all seen uneven, broken caps atop retaining walls that give beautiful properties a rundown look. Decrepit looks are decidedly unfashionable and we’re willing to bet they won’t be a trend in the foreseeable future. The top of your retaining wall may not be its primary feature but can make a big impact on appearance.

What makes CornerStone 100 cap units stand out is their ease of installation. Securing them to the retaining wall’s top standard blocks with concrete adhesive is vital to keeping them in place. Adding concrete adhesive is a super easy step that prevents maintenance of wear and tear over the years. Speaking of steps, CornerStone cap units are perfect for building stairways into the retaining wall. To learn more about the benefits of built-in steps, check out our blog on landscape stairs here.


There’s no better feeling of accomplishment than designing and building projects from a concept or vision all the way to completion. At CornerStone, we believe that professionals and DIY homeowners deserve the chance to bring their outdoor dreamscape to life. Our free step-by-step installation guides and retaining wall design software are ready to get started when you are.

CornerStone’s modern retaining wall blocks are an easy way to make any complex design or size of retaining wall a reality. Contact your local CornerStone supplier today to discover how our retaining wall blocks can deliver ever-lasting beauty to your property.