Transform Your Backyard with Innovative Landscaping through Hardscapes

With the surging popularity of renovation television and HGTV’s property improvement shows, we’ve seen all sorts of different landscaping crazes come and go over the years – each accompanied by their own unique buzzword.

While some of these trends are nothing more than short-lived fads, others end up manifesting into well-defined movements. Sometimes, they even carve out their own little niche within the industry.

Let’s take a deeper dive into one of those movements, as we discuss the ins-and-outs of hardscaping and what this increasingly popular style of landscaping can bring to your backyard. So, what is hardscaping? Let us explain!



What is Hardscaping? An Explanation:

While the word “hardscaping” might simply sound like a strenuous variation of landscaping, it’s actually a fairly unintimidating practice. Hardscaping is essentially just landscaping with blocks, paving stones, rocks, or anything else that’s considered “hard” to the touch. Hardscaping allows you to create long-lasting, “hard” elements within your yard that add style and functionality to your outdoor space.

Hardscaping blocks come in every shape and size imaginable, meaning you can build nearly any outdoor landscaping element you can think of with relative ease – the sky’s the limit!

Should You Hardscape your Backyard?

With hardscaping, building the welcoming, tranquil or inviting atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of can suddenly becomes a reality. You can finally achieve the backyard you want, all while maximizing your lawn space and adding stylish modern elements. Why not seamlessly flow your retaining wall into a beautiful seating wall to your outdoor lounge area? Best of all, you can do it on your own, at your leisure, while progressively adding elements when needed or hire a contractor and get it done all at once. Once completed, it’s maintenance free. Simply build it and enjoy!

There’s nothing quite like the prospect of being able to easily access the entirety of your yard space. This can be made possible by the simple installation of a beautiful new set of landscape stairs, for example. As if you needed another reason to be excited for outdoor relaxation together with the family!


The Benefits of Hardscaping

One of the great things about delving into a hardscaping project is how relatively simple these sorts of jobs can be. With the help of our user-friendly StoneLedge & StoneVista hardscape line of products, venturing into the world of hardscaping becomes a very real option for homeowners looking to hardscape their front or back yard with minimal (or no) long-term maintenance.

Of course, contractors also love working with StoneLedge for the benefits that come along with using this unique product:

  • Incredible Ease. StoneLedge blocks come in 3 standard size and 2 different heights and many colors (check with your local CornerStone producer). If you can dream it, you can build it! Even creating a set of backyard stairs is easy with the flexibility that our StoneLedge hardscape blocks offer.
  • Versatile Connector. With a simple flag connector, the versatility of the StoneLedge & StoneVista hardscape blocks is outstanding. Using this product, you can build free-standing seating walls, retaining walls, BBQ areas, fire pits, columns (pillars), stairs and much more. Your design options are endless because of the versatile connector.
  • Long-Lasting Durability. Because they’re made with concrete, our StoneLedge & StoneVista hardscape blocks should last you a lifetime, meaning that if your hardscape feature is built properly, it should stick around for just as long! Wood hardscaping rots and needs constant maintenance, while other sorts of building materials can contain harmful or unnatural chemicals. Our hardscape products are solid, maintenance-free, and built to stand the test of time.

If you’re looking to bring some newfound functionality to your backyard this summer, consider looking into the stylish world of hardscaping. Our line of StoneLedge products makes it easy to build the backyard of your dreams, and can be found at many of our Producers or producer dealer locations.  Check it our Where to buy. Happy building!

Photo Credits: NewLine Hardscapes

Photo Credits: LibertyStone Hardscapes