imilar to our StoneLedge™ products, the StoneMatrix™ is designed through our wet cast process instead of our dry cast one. This is the perfect solution for any freestanding wall or pillar you require, offering everything from a quarried stone appearance with natural curved edges, to extreme durability and strength.

As an all-in-one system, the StoneMatrix™ offers flexibility and ease of use, making designing and construction a breeze for professionals and DIY retaining wall projects alike. Create gorgeous planters, curves, steps, custom projects, such as barbecue stands, and of course pillars and fences that are truly unique to you. Let your creative side take over without limitation!


StoneMatrix Pillar
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Used to ensure stable retaining structures that are aesthetically pleasing, learn more about how you can put your StoneMatrix™ product to work for you.  See All


CAD Details

For unit specifications and technical details, review and download our CAD drawings to help in the design process for your DIY retaining wall project. See All



Easy to install, look at our installation guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create your StoneMatrix™ DIY retaining wall system. See All


Hollow Core

Offering three different sizes in this all-in-one system, the StoneMatrix™ units still feature our unique hollow core design, offering lighter products, without losing any strength or durability.

With weight ranging from 16.5 – 77 lbs, you have limitless options, with minimal manpower required for installation.

Environmental Benefits

We’re about creating beautiful things simply, and that means ensuring that our natural surroundings are also cared for. With less concrete required for manufacturing, and more efficiency in transportation, we ensure that we leave a smaller carbon footprint.


Using less concrete, costs significantly drop due to less weight (lowers freight & shipping costs), less required installers, lower development costs, without any loss in structural stability!

Unique Flag Connectors

Using our unique Flag Connectors, each new stone you use in your design will be tied together, ensuring there is no shifting, either during construction or from any backfill force upon project completion.

This also allows for walls to be built with greater stability, while still adding a more personalized appearance. The Flag Connectors allow for stacking of the product in different patterns, all with exceptional ease!


Our high compression, low-absorption concrete is perfect for ensuring durability and being weather resistance.

Stylized Aesthetics

On the face of the StoneMatrix™, you will see a quarried stone appearance with natural curved edges, creating a wall or other freestanding structure with a beautiful textured look.

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