The K.C.D. Realty project used the StoneLedge™ six inch Ashlar block retaining wall system to create a twenty-two foot triple terraced green wall. StoneLedge™, along with a professionally engineered geogrid design, provided structural reinforcement for the renovation of an older building as well as a dramatic enhancement to the beauty of the site. Two blended colors were intermixed to soften the StoneLedge block wall color scheme and provide an authentic natural appearance. The wall was topped by a four foot double-sided screen wall while the multi-height landscaped terraces were neatly defined using contrasting solid colored caps.

StoneLedge Retaining wall with parking lot

Manufacturer: LibertyStone Hardscaping Systems
Wall Installer: Cerminaro Construction
General Contractor: Cerminaro Construction
Architect /Designer: A&E Group
ENGINEER: Scott A. Miller
Gegrid: SRW Series 7
Year BUILT: 2006