Vern Dueck

President, Chief Innovator

A contracting career dating back to the late 1970s, Vern has lived his life surrounded by paving stones and retaining wall solutions. Having witnessed the start of the hardscape industry in North America, Vern has experienced first-hand the frustrations of inefficient systems. He became motivated to develop and create a system that was easier to work with, saving him both time and resources. Once he saw how his designs had a positive impact on his projects, he looked at how others could use his products, making the field more friendly and effective for other end users.

Vern is fueled by ideas, creating systems that help others, answering their needs and concerns. He is driven to find solutions to problems within a design, within a product, and within the industry as a whole, whether it be environmental, efficiency, or economical. Recognizing that every project is always different, something he attributes to his contracting background, Vern brings an innovative thought process to each product design.

With over 40 years experience, Vern takes everything he’s learned and shares this with others, helping to improve the designer, the producer, and the installer’s project for their benefit.

Always excited to discuss projects, ideas, and innovations in the industry, Vern looks forward to growing his products by talking with clients, understanding their concerns and frustrations.

For Vern, CornerStone is about developing innovative solutions that just happen to be in the form of retaining wall systems.

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