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Permeable Concrete also known as no fines concrete was developed as an alternative to standard Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) and geogrid reinforced retaining walls. With No-fines permeable concrete the retaining wall blocks and concrete become one porous mass eliminating the need for costly rebar and geogrids which can demand a lot of excavation and backfilling.
The No-Fines concrete by itself is a permeable concrete that is made by removing the fine aggregates in concrete. Removing the fines adds significant voids within the concrete giving it a permeable structure.
No-fines concrete can reduces the amount of excavation by nearly 30%



Permeable Concrete (No Fines)


⦁ Less excavation required by contractor saving time and money
⦁ No compaction or testing for backfilling the retaining wall
⦁ Eliminating the drainage layer
⦁ Your retaining wall acts as one mass
⦁ The whole wall will be permeable never allowing water to settle into the backfill
⦁ Increase your property as it is the most valuable investment
⦁ The concrete is light weight
⦁ No geogrids required
⦁ Base requirements for permeable concrete wall are approximately 40% wall height Vs. Geogrid at 60% of the wall height

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Permeable Concrete Retaining Wall CornerStone 100


Permeable Concrete Retaining Wall Cornerstone

 CornerStone Retaining Wall Permeable Concrete No Fines

CornerStone Retaining Wall Permeable Concrete No Fines


The CornerStone Software has been updated to account, calculate and model permeable (no fines concrete).  Please fee free to download your free version of the software to design your retaining wall saving you time and money.

Permeable No Fines Concrete Design

Permeable No Fines Concrete 7.5 ft Wall Example