eveloped to help you easily calculate your requirements for your MagnumStone Retaining Wall projects, the MagnumStone Retaining Wall Calculator focuses on providing you fast and accurate calculations. Simply enter your data, then edit as needed! Add multiple wall panel section, edit geogrids, add pillars or stairs; the sky’s the limit! Once you’re finished, simply email or print your results.

MagnumStone retaining wall estimator


Features & Benefits

  • Create various databases for clients
  • Take-off numerous walls on the same project
  • Add your own company logo for a customized and professional look
  • Choose your particulars, including four cases, three soil types, and much more
  • Access over 500 predesigned cross sections that are all customizable
  • View your estimates and changes in real-time

Training Videos

Enjoy our easy to understand and use training videos to quickly learn how to use the MagnumStone retaining wall calculator.

Broken in to small chapters, you can focus on specific sections for guidance, rather than having to go through the whole course!

Watch Videos


MagnumStone retaining wall estimator screen capture



Calculation Abilities

A sample of what you can calculate includes:

  • Block quantities
  • Geogrid quantities
  • Backfill volumes
  • Drainage are volumes
  • Drainage pipe
  • And much more

Estimator Tools

Within the Magnumstone Wall Estimator, you will be able to calculate and edit:

  • Single walls
  • 2 tiered walls
  • 3 tiered walls
  • Elevation modifications 
  • Geogrid lengths
  • Geogrid layers (including adding them)

Technical Support

Even with the videos, you may still have questions and that’s okay.

We are always here to help. Simply call us at:

1-800-939-9193 ext. 1

Software Support

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