Summer’s finally here! The nights are getting longer, the weather’s getting hotter, and everyone’s spending more time outdoors again! Everyone, that is, except for you and your family.

While the rest of the neighbors take advantage of the beautiful weather in their sun-dappled backyards, you’re stuck inside your house. Instead of enjoying the sun, you’re staring at that big drop-off or incline that makes your outdoor living space useless.

Don’t let grading issues turn your backyard oasis into a nightmare! Instead, transform your outdoor oasis this summer with stunning landscape retaining walls. These wall ideas will expand your yard and take it to the next level!

Optimize Property Space with Block Retaining Walls

Warm spring days are the perfect time to commit to extending your yard. Because chances are, that annoying steep drop-off or sharp incline isn’t unique to your backyard.

By installing a block retaining wall, you’ll add square feet upon square feet of beautiful, usable yard space. And when it comes to extending your yard, block retaining walls are a popular choice. They’re the perfect solution for your grading problem.

Extend Fill or Cut

Do you have a dangerous drop-off at the end of your yard that you need to have filled in? A block retaining wall is a safe and reliable solution for cutting back that incline that intrudes onto your property. It will also result in a stable and usable space where there wasn’t one before.

When filling your yard, you’re bringing in competent fill materials (i.e., “land”) to extend your yard. When extend-cutting, you are removing land to expand your outdoor space. The retaining wall will stop further soil erosion from happening.

A Convenient Alternative

Why worry about finding room for cement trucks in your backyard? Don’t stress over the hassles of cribbing and pouring a foundation when there’s an easy solution.

Block retaining walls provide the same stability and support with fewer difficulties and issues. They are also more durable than their wood counterparts. And they will stand the test of time.

Concrete blocks are also, for the most part, permeable. This means that they allow water to seep through. And this is what makes them better suited for draining water away from the walls.

Simple Wall Installation

While constructing a block retaining wall will take more work than a simple flower garden, true DIYers will find this project well within their capabilities.

Using products such as the CornerStone 100 will make the job much easier. This wall block is simple to install due to its unique hollow core design. It requires minimum labor to transport and put into place.

The secure lugs at the bottom of each concrete block allow them to interlock. This also gives them a batter—or setback—from row to row. This speeds up installation time considerably.

To make things even easier, here are some installation instructions for some retaining wall block products.

Beautiful Results

One of the best parts about installing a new block retaining wall is the sense of style and design it will add to your yard.

You will benefit from all that extra space in your new yard. You’ll also have an eye-catching landscape feature that will stand strong and inviting.

Sounds pretty great, right? A brand-new backyard is within your grasp. All you have to do is take back what’s yours!

Block Retaining Wall Extend Yard with Fill

Block Retaining Wall Used to Extend Your Yard with Fill


Block retaining wall used to extend your yard with cut.

Top of Mind Thoughts for Extending Your Yard

There’s nothing more thrilling than the prospect of a big, beautiful backyard to enjoy the summer weather. If you’ve decided to extend your yard, there are just a few things to remember before you start construction.

Property Line

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Imagine the horror of building and installing a sparkling new concrete wall, only to discover you’ve gone half a foot over your property line. Yikes!

Before digging up your yard, make sure you give your local government a heads-up. This is so you can ensure to adhere to local building codes. You’ll also be able to avoid awkward property line disputes with your neighbors.

Call Before You Dig

As in all building projects, safety is paramount. Call your local utility companies before you break ground. This is to make sure you won’t accidentally hit any utility lines.

There are often free services that will come out and mark all lines on your property.

Water Maintenance

The primary reason block retaining walls run into trouble is water. So make sure you know where water tends to pool in your wall. Then, divert the water so it flows away.

Also, ensure that your concrete wall design has proper drainage (and a drainage pipe built inside). Any water that pools or flows in or around your new wall could cause problems in the future. So ensure these details are handled during the design and building phases.

Once you’ve addressed these few details, you’ll be well on your way to having an open, inviting backyard—all thanks to the simple installation of a block retaining wall.

Take Back Your Yard This Summer!

Make this summer one to remember! Spend it outdoors in your brand-new extended backyard.

Talk to your local CornerStone Products reseller today about finding a solution. Take back your land and give your family the backyard you truly deserve!


Extend your backyard using a cut situation giving more space to BBQ and lounge.