Cornerstone Block Retaining Wall  York | York Building Products

The Hilton Garden Inn in Frederick, Maryland needed to expand its guest parking lot while integrating it with the surrounding landscape. The project utilized CornerStone 100 to retaining wall blocks maximize the potential of the land and build boundary walls on all sides. Geogrid reinforcement and CornerStone’s built-in design flexibility, added support while creating walls that ranged up to 26 feet above grade in height. A  wood rail fence was places approximately 4′ behind the retaining wall keeping pedestrians safely away from the top of wall.  The capping for the  retaining wall used 2 – 4″ high stacked caps to creates simple and easy looking steps or top grade elevation. The Cornerstone block retaining wall York hilton garden inn allowed the developer to solve a number of problems on site including multiple elevation changes to successfully complete the project.

CornerStone block retaining wall Hilton Garden Inn green 2


Manufacturer: York Building Products 
Wall Installer: Land Care Group
General Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting
Civil Engineer: Harris Smariga & Associates
ENGINEER: Ryan & Associates
Gegrid: Mirafi 3xt, 5xt, 8xt
Year BUILT: 2006

CornerStone Block Retaining Wall York

CornerStone block retaining wall Hilton Garden Inn capping