Larger than CornerStone 100 units, the 200 is recommended for installations where heavy loads are in close proximity to the back of the wall or where extra wall stability is required. The CornerStone 200 22” deep unit provides the designer with a great fascia safety factor than the smaller 12” deep units. CornerStone 200 single deep units can be used for gravity walls up 6’ feet (1.8 meters) tall (note: a qualified geotechnical engineer will need to be consulted first). Their larger size makes them perfect for the first (base) course in a 100 wall, thus providing increased stability. Taller gravity structure can be built by installing double deep units (4 feet) or a combination of one 200 unit and one 100 unit (3 feet).

As with 100 units, 200 units are available in many different face styles. The CornerStone 200 unit can also be used in building a geogrid reinforced structure both with friction connection and the high strength Positive connection. The CornerStone 200 gravity or positive geogrid reinforced system are ideal for retaining walls with superior strength such as highway and railway embankments, critical water applications and projects in regions where earthquakes are prevalent.