Pillars add a finishing touch of elegance to any CornerStone® wall project. They can be used to create distinguished entranceways to any residence or business and the unit’s hollow cores greatly simplify the placement of lighting in the pillars. This section provides simple instructions for the creation of a 27″ pillar.


Step 1: Levelling Pad

  • Excavate and prepare your Sub Base Leveling Pad
  • Install leveling pad of well graded gravel (also known as road base aggregates)
    a minimum of 8″ (200 mm) thick and 40″ (1000 mm) square. Compact to 95% standard proctor density
  • Install the first 4 corner units perpendicular and square to each other
  • Ensure first base course is level and square to the center of the pad
  • Bury the first course completely for stability


Step 2: Second Course

  • Place second course of the CornerStone® 90° Corner units directly on top of the
    first course
  • Flip and turn the second course corner units upside down to create an overlapping bond
  • Clear Crush Drain Gravel (Angular Aggregates free of fines) should be placed in
    the cores and middle of pillar
  • (concrete core filling optional) use a dry concrete mix to prevent leaching of cement
  • Concrete Adhesive should be applied to all units to ensure course to course interlock


Step 3: Additional Courses

  • Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 until desired height of pillar has been reached


Step 4: Completion

  • Complete the pillar with a Pillar Cap
  • Secure the Pillar Cap with a concrete adhesive *Pillar cap approximately 32″ (508mm)


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